Hobbs of Henley’s New Electric Boat: A Sustainable Step Towards a Greener Riverside

Hobbs of Henley Boat electroglide cruising along the river thames with 5 passengers on board, who are smiling and having a good time. The bridge and the angel pub can be seen in the background.

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We are delighted to announce the latest additions to our fleet: five state-of-the-art electric boats which landed here in Henley in late 2021. These elegant boats, manufactured in Holland, mark a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation: they’re the first of their kind here on the River Thames.

The new electric boats join ‘Team Green’ with our stunning Lilibet – a 40ft luxury motor cruiser  named after our late Queen. Lilibet is a luxury hybrid vessel perfect for holidays on the water and can cruise silently for five hours on electric power. Smart solar panels on her roof power all her on-board facilities, too, making her a true flagship for sustainable boating.

The Netherlands has long been known for its pioneering green technology, and our collaboration with this Dutch boat manufacturer has allowed us to bring their world-class craftsmanship to the River Thames. Our electric boats boast sleek designs and comfortable seating for up to six people and can be hired by the day (book online in advance) or by the hour (in person on the day: first come, first served).

The electric fleet are battery powered, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional combustion engines. As a result, we are significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution, and the risk of oil spills, thus preserving the delicate ecosystem of the River Thames for generations to come.

The introduction of these new boats reflects our long-term commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. We understand the importance of preserving our natural resources, and we are proud to be contributing to a greener future for Henley. Through continuous innovation and investment in sustainable technologies like these, Hobbs of Henley aims to set an example for the boating industry and inspire others to prioritise similar, eco-friendly practices.

As a family business deeply invested in the Henley community, we recognize the importance of safeguarding the unique beauty of our river and riverside. Recently Hobbs of Henley joined Greener Henley – a local group pushing for Government legislation to support environmental protection – and supported the river clean-up operation post Henley Regatta. Jonathan Hobbs has also appeared on ITV News, calling out the serious environmental damage caused by Thames Water pumping sewage into the river for hundreds of hours every year. We are committed to supporting local environmental groups in their crusade to against river pollution, and by putting more electric-powered boats on the water we are proud to play a part of this step change.

Our electric boats run on clean energy, emitting zero exhaust fumes and producing no noise pollution, ensuring a peaceful experience for both passengers, riverbank users, and the local wildlife. With these new electric launches, we are taking proactive steps to reduce emissions, preserve the beauty of the riverside environment, and offer our customers a truly unique and eco-friendly boating experience.

We warmly invite you to join us on the River Thames, where luxury, tranquillity and sustainability converge to create an extraordinary river experience.

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