3 May 2024

A 4 minute Read by Alice West

The Best Riverside Pubs and Restaurants for Boat Hire Day Trips

If you’re planning self-drive or skippered boat trip from Hobbs of Henley this spring or summer, remember to arrive hungry!…

Hobbs of Henley Boat electroglide cruising along the river thames with 5 passengers on board, who are smiling and having a good time. The bridge and the angel pub can be seen in the background.
21 October 2023

A 2 minute Read by Alice West

Hobbs of Henley’s New Electric Boat: A Sustainable Step Towards a Greener Riverside

We are delighted to announce the latest additions to our fleet: five state-of-the-art electric boats which landed here in Henley…

21 October 2023

A 4 minute Read by Alice West

Jonathan Hobbs’ Experience as a Royal Waterman at the King’s Coronation

In the rich tapestry of British traditions, few are as enduring as the ceremonies that surround the monarchy. Steeped in…

21 October 2023

A 6 minute Read by Alice West

Hobbs of Henley: A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

Founded in 1870, Hobbs of Henley has been a trusted name in boating for over 150 years. Today, as a…