Edwardian class launches offer a truly stylish way to enjoy Henley Festival. Or any other event for that matter!

As practical as they are stylish, Edwardian launches feature removable side screens to protect guests from inclement weather and comfortably seat 12 guests plus a skipper.

To be picked up or dropped off at any destination, other than the Hobbs Boatyard, please call the office.

The Finer Details

Seats 12

Can be fully covered

Medium sized table

Safety brief given

Comfortable seating

Length 9.6m

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This boat also matches your criteria…


    £1350.00/ per day

    Seats 12

    Music system with Bluetooth

    Fridge to cool drinks

    Roof can be half covered

“From the initial enquiry a couple of months ago to the time we stepped off the boat after a 4 hour cruise everything worked like clockwork.”



  • They are indeed. The sides can be removed to let the sun pour in on the many lovely days we experience on The Thames at Henley.

  • Unfortunately, Edwardian class launches are only available for skippered hire during Henley Festival. You can hire an Edwardian class launch on a self-drive basis for up to 12 guests at any other time during the season. You are welcome to book by both the hour and the day.