Pilot Class

Pilot Class


£440.00 / per day

Practical and easy to use, even for complete novices, Hobbs’ Pilot Class boats are perfect for family outings, trips to riverside pubs or lazy afternoons on The Thames. 

Built from fiberglass, Pilot launches have a diesel inboard engine and comfortable bench seating with cushions. The boats also feature a covered front caddy. Immensely popular throughout the season, book your pilot launch, grab a picnic and enjoy all The Thames has to offer!

Please note: You must return the boat by 17:00 ...unless during Henley Regatta and then 18:00.

The Finer Details

Seats 4, 6, 9 and 12

6, 9 & 12 seaters have partial roof cover

Roof can be half covered

Safety brief given

Length 6m

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    Self Drive Boats


    £625.00/ per day

    Seats 12

    Can be fully covered

    Music system with Bluetooth

    Comfortable seating

“Excellent hour on the river, in a 4-5 seater self-drive. Friendly staff … very reasonable price. Highly recommended.”



  • There is a small table in the centre of the boat.

  • Yes, all customers have access to buoyancy aids before their departure. A staff member will show you where to access these before you head off. Buoyancy aids are included in the price of the hire of the boat..

  • Yes of course! We just ask you remove your rubbish at the end of the hire, bins are provided back at the boatyard.

  • The Pilot class launches come in various sizes from our 4-seater Fisher launch, through to 6, 9 and 12 seater boats.

  • Only our 6, 9 and 12 seater Pilot class launches have partial roof cover. Our 4 seater Fisher vessel has no cover.

  • We can only take advance bookings for a whole day hire online. To hire a Pilot class launch by the hour please visit the Hobbs boatyard. The boats are available on a first come, first served basis. Please note that the Pilot class can only be booked by the day during Henley Royal Regatta and the four seater Fisher vessel is only ever available by the day.